Best AC brand in India for 2020: Which one worths your money?

The year 2020 has commenced, and summers in India will arrive soon in the month of April. Purchasing an air conditioner becomes a compulsion to cope up with hot weather. So if you are looking to buy an AC this summer and wondering which is the best AC brand in India, we have done some fact-finding and listed out the most reliable ones.

Over the past few years, the mercury had crossed the threshold beyond 40`C and thus the demand for the appliance is ever escalating. The air conditioners have a high demand for both residential and commercial purposes. The recent technologies in the ACs are renowned for its energy-efficient features that help to save unnecessary power consumption. Customer preferences have reflected a shift for models with a 5-star rating and Inverter Technology. After the year 2012, the number of AC companies operating in India has increased, and the competition has intensified between the best AC brands in India. Every year these brands come up with latest and innovative technologies that are improving the quality of the air conditioners available to the Indian buyers.

Top 10 best AC brands in India 2020


Image credit: Voltas

Voltas is an Indian AC brand and a product of Tata Enterprise that offers durable and quality electronic goods. It is the largest manufacturer of AC in India and dominates with a market share of 23%, which is quite high compared to other AC brands. The reason behind its overwhelming demand can be traced with the fact that it produces customer-oriented appliances at a reasonable price range. The efficient technology, reliability from Tata and fair pricing have made the air conditioners from Voltas a popular choice in many middle and lower-middle-income group houses. Alongside, the company has an efficient cooling solution for other products like freezer, water coolers, industrial air conditioners and commercial refrigerators. This ensured that it retains a top position among the AC brands of India. All the air conditioning systems have a good ISEER rating which offers products in both low and high ranges.

Best things about Voltas

  • It offers quality products within affordable ranges.
  • It provides exceptional customer support and has service centres in every part of India.
  • Its ACs consume less energy and help to save electricity.


Image credit: Daikin

Daikin is a multinational Japanese AC brand known for its advanced technology. This AC company has created a niche market for HVAC rather than other categories of electronic devices. It has been able to penetrate the Indian AC markets and established itself as a prominent brand for its economical price point. The reason for Daikin taking a drastic growth in the business is that they never compromised on the aspect of quality. In terms of sales, the AC company holds 11% trust in market shares. Generally, you can stay assured with Daikin AC for its efficient cooling function that keeps all the heat waves at bay. It offers AC in both Window and Split category within a price range of INR 18,000- INR 50,000.

Best things about Daikin

  • Its ACs are economical, productive and require less maintenance.
  • In the Split AC category, it offers best-in-class products.
  • It offers the best after-sales support to the customers.


Image credit: Carrie

Carrier is an American brand started by Willis H Carrier who had first introduced the electrical air conditioner in the world. This is a less popular brand, but interestingly it is a key global leader in the Indian market of air conditioning. Technically speaking, Carrier brand offers world-class ACs with a faster cooling capability backed by a technology that helps in saving the right amount of electricity. In research conducted, it has been found that ACs from Carrier have a longer lifespan compared to ACs from other brands. No doubt why this brand has been highlighted in our article. Lastly, these ACs are available in affordable ranges between INR 20,000- INR 50,000.

Best things about Carrier

  • It offers high-quality products and better services
  • Carrier ACs offer faster cooling energy-efficient.
    The ACs are reliable and have a longer lifespan.


a c-company-india-hitachi
Image credit: Hitachi

This is another Japanese AC company that is known to lead the markets of India. The high performance, energy efficiency and durability offered in the appliance is something to chase upon. Hitachi produces smart air conditioners that have exceptional features like anti-bacterial Koukin filters and auto climate mode. The product pricing is slightly on a higher side as it thrives on quality and never compromises with it. There is a wide range of air conditioning systems offered in this brand within a price bracket of INR 20,000- INR 75,000.

Best things about Hitachi

The products offered by this brand have excellent quality.
It uses upgraded technology for providing adequate cooling and enhanced performance.
It is known to offer products that are robust, energy-efficient and long-lasting.


Image credit: LG

LG can easily be considered as the best split AC brand in India. Besides air conditioners, it ranks second in terms of home appliances and electronic goods in the market. This South Korean company has a decent market share in the AC segment. All its ACs have incorporated the latest features. The users have appreciated the LG brand for its high performance, quality and customer-friendly pricing. LG air conditioners have occupied a place in the middle-class households as it offers the lowest price range, which starts from INR 18,000. The highest price of the AC model can range somewhere around INR 75,000.

Best things about LG

  • It provides excellent after-sales service and support.
  • It is a reliable brand for home appliances and electronic goods.
  • It offers a quality product within an affordable price range.

Blue Star

Image credit: Blue Star

This brand is one of India’s leading and oldest air conditioner companies that had started even before Independence. Initially, it has operated the business with reconditioning of refrigerators, and soon it ventured into the air conditioning segment. This is not only one of the best AC brands in India but also has a market presence abroad. Blue Star has adopted innovative features like dual rotary inverter, brushless DC motors and precise cooling, which has enhanced its product quality along with boosting the sales in the market.

Best things about Blue Star

  • It offers products that are reliable and long-running.
  • The air conditioning mechanism is of premium quality.
  • The use of extensive technologies in the product further improves the quality and performance.


Image credit: Haier

Haier is a multinational Chinese brand that offers consumer electronic goods and appliances. Recently, this AC company has earned a lot of goodwill among the Indian AC customers. Air conditioners from Haier are lauded for offering superior cooling technology, performance and longevity within a reasonable price. It is one of the AC brands in India that even provides a premium class model in affordable ranges. The pricing of the ACs typically starts from INR 18,000- INR 45,000, which is quite marginal when compared to the other players of the market.

Best things about Haier

  • It offers quality products within very affordable ranges compared to other brands.
  • The air conditioners are designed as per customers needs.
  • The ACs are integrated with innovative technology and has a longer lifespan.

Mitsubishi Electric

Image credit: Mitsubishi

Mitsubishi is a brand that people most often relates to the automobile sector. However, this the largest group of companies in Japan, just like the Tata Group in India. The Mitsubishi Electric offers a wide range of air conditioning systems with the residential wall mounted ACs to the commercial duct ACs. The brand has captured the Indian market with its HVAC that provides robust and effective hardware. The compressor of the AC is something to vouch for that gives seamless cooling operations year after year without any technical glitches. Even other famous AC brands purchase the compressor from Mitsubishi Electric. With its class technologies, it fetches a higher price tag, but it is sure to give a value for money.

Best things about Mitsubishi Electric

  • It offers robust and effective hardware and components.
  • It lasts for several years without any technical glitches.
  • Its effective compressor boosts the performance of the AC.


Image credit: Godrej

Godrej is one of the oldest serving brands that have a long history of the customer base in India. Undoubtedly, it has been the vintage brand that offered one of the best cooling solutions for the refrigerators of India. Being a trusted company, Godrej ACs are known for its synergy of efficient cooling along with power savings. Also, the brand promotes its ACs with a greener mechanism for the planet with the friendly R-32 refrigerant gas. The products have a good demand in the market for offering a flexible price range that starts from INR 20,000- INR 60,000.

Best things about Godrej

  • It saves power consumption and reduces the electricity bill.
  • It offers reliable products within an affordable price range.
  • It actively promotes technology meant for a greener planet.


Image credit: Whirlpool

Whirlpool is a multinational brand from the USA that manufactures electronic goods and home appliances. The company has quite a following in India, where it ranks fifth in the category of the overall electronics market. It offers a blend of useful versatility features and thoughtful innovation. Whirlpool is a popular name when it comes to the air conditioner market of India. It has incorporated the technology of turbo cooling that provides relief from the searing temperatures of the summer season. The Michigan based company offers a price range of INR 32,000- INR 55,000.

Best things about Whirlpool

  • It offers efficient cooling solutions even in high temperatures.
  • It offers air conditioners with versatile features.
  • The ACs have prolonged durability with minimal maintenance costs.

Buying Guide: Selecting the Best AC brand in India

The Indian market has numerous air conditioner companies and brands for consumers. Whether it is for residential, commercial or other purposes, a savvy buyer should compare among the different brands before deciding over the best AC brand in India. You can make a wise decision by considering the quality of the AC brand, its experience, the budget and after-sale support. Besides, the appliance should be able to serve your purpose ultimately.

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Quality matters in a brand:

The brand definitely has a valuation when it comes to purchasing the best AC in India. However, there is no reason to blindly fancy a brand without evaluating the quality of the air conditioner. You have to shop around the new AC unit if you wish to get a quality product. You can bring all the AC brands and companies and compare them on the basis of different capabilities of each unit. Don’t forget to check the other features and price while deciding the best quality AC. The best quality AC offers intelligent cooling solutions with less consumption of power which ultimately helps to minimize the electricity bills.

Additionally, when you are purchasing a new unit, look for the warranty for the particular brand and model. A longer warranty ensures the maintenance costs are reduced. There is no question to compromise on quality, especially when it comes to investment in durable goods.

Check the price:

Whenever there is a comparison drawn among popular brands, we tend to focus on the features. However, you must also set a budget for purchase to ensure that you can pay for the desired unit. There are plenty of options among the different AC brands in the market that need to be considered. Each of these has some key features that suit very well to the purpose of your need and space. With more features, the price of an appliance gradually steered upwards. However, various AC brands are known to offer a different price range to their customers. Some brands like Voltas, Haier, LG, Whirlpool, and others provide AC within an affordable range. While a few brands like Daikin, Mitsubishi Electric, Hitachi come with a premium price range. This differentiation is purely based on the quality and technology these AC brands are offering.

Look for customer support and service centres:

When it comes to picking an AC brand, you should not trust the brand by the words of the retailers. It is equally important to know whether a particular AC company or brand is efficient in providing customer support. Moreover, it is a good idea that you are aware of the service centres in their area. In case, the device goes through some severe damage; the service centres should be equipped to provide quick and productive remedies. An expert team should always be there to solve all the queries related to any technical glitches.

Experience of the brand counts:

When it comes to brands there can be a plethora of AC company lists that serve the Indian market. However, the brands that are working for a long time reflects resilience in their venture. This shows that they have a customer base in the market and also establish the fact that they have a deeper understanding of the industry. These AC brands have constantly been providing solutions to make the products better and upgraded. The considerations should be given the those experienced AC companies that are manufacturing the appliances in sync with the current and innovative applications.

The Final Say

In our article, we have attempted to suggest you the best AC brand in India along with our buying guide. Based on the reviews of the users, we have found that the positive rub-off is towards the brands that are offering the latest technologies, energy-efficiency and add value in the lifestyle.

Best AC Company FAQs

Which is the best AC company in India – Voltas or LG?

Speaking of Voltas, it is an Indian AC brand and product of Tata Enterprise. Being associated with one of the largest and reliable companies, Voltas produces ACs having class quality and efficient technology within a reasonable price range. Besides, the company has gained popularity in the market for its impressive cooling solutions like industrial air conditioners, commercial refrigerators, freezers and water coolers. It is backed by its customer support team and the biggest network of service centres in the country.

The South Korean brand LG is not way behind when it comes to the air conditioner market in India. The company has designed an affordable price range for all its electronic goods, including ACs along with maintaining the standards. It also provides excellent support and after-sales service to its customers. It might be overwhelming to choose between these two companies. However, going by the statistics, it is easy to decide which one is the best. Voltas has the edge over LG since it alone has 23% of the AC market share in India.

Which air conditioner company offers the longest warranty?

In reality, almost all the air conditioners offer a long warranty on their appliance. These warranties are rather specific to some particular AC models. All of these AC companies have designed some particular AC models which come with a 1-year warranty on the condenser and 10-year warranty on the compressor. Regardless, it is better to search for a brand that offers the highest warranty on its AC model along with providing class technology that operates seamlessly year after year. Buyers can go for reliable AC brands like Voltas, Daikin, BlueStar, LG, etc.

Which AC company has the highest number of service centres in India?

If you consider that purchasing a good AC from a reputable brand will do all the work, then it is not enough. Before making the final purchase, it is equally important to know whether the brand you are purchasing provides any after-sales support in your area or not. For instance, if you notice any malfunctioning in your appliance, then the AC company should try to resolve the damage at the earliest.

In India, if you are residing in a metro city, then you can conveniently go with any of your favourite brands. You can easily locate the service centre in your nearby area. However, the challenge lies for the people staying in smaller cities and towns. They should prefer only those AC brands that have a service centre in their area. AC companies like Voltas, LG, Daikin are more popular for having a good network of service centres and support team.

I want to buy a portable AC, can you please suggest the best brand?

Portable ACs are emerging as an alternative medium of cooling the house in comparison to the conventional ones like Window and Split ACs. It is indeed an excellent option to explore when you have concerns about installing an AC on the windows and walls. You can easily manoeuvre it to another room with its portable aspect. Since these are the latest addition, the choices are limited and selecting the best brand can be a little baffling task.

However, India’s oldest and one of the well-known companies in air conditioning, Blue Star has ventured into this segment. In fact, there are many companies in India, that are offering Portable ACs. Our suggestion will be to go with Blue Star as it has many years of experience in the air conditioning system. Buyers can easily rely on this brand as it offers premium quality products with extensive use of innovative technologies.

What are some less popular yet good AC brands in India?

While there are many popular AC brands in India that people are familiar, there are also the ones that are low key. The popular brands have mainly roped in the customers for offering reliable products at pocket-friendly prices. Some of these have been even backed with robust after-sales services.

The not so popular yet good AC brands include Bluestar, Mitsubishi, Godrej, Carrier, Llyod, O-General, Haier, Panasonic. Among these, some AC companies are providing genuine products at an affordable price point. Few others have focused mainly on offering best-in-class appliance with exceptional durability although the price tag is on a higher side.

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